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Education Counseling

OnePoint Education & Immigration Consultants provide a complete guidance to help students navigate their journey in Australia, including personal advice in an academic environment.

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Course Selection: Our services offer assistance in choosing the right course that aligns with their goals with
their academic interests.


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Student Visa Extension

Celebrate your study abroad journey with OnePoint. Our comprehensive support also includes expert visa assistance for further visa extensions and other Visa options to those who are running out of their visas while in Australia, UK, Canada, US and Europe. We also provide financial guidance, and more. Contact us today to begin your journey. Our Visa Extension Services Include:

  • A 20-minute free assistance consultation.
  • Find new suitable visa options
  • Find new courses that align with the student visa requirements
  • Find accommodation to support with our assistance.
  • Financial support opportunities and financial aid options.

Risk Management

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Pre-departure Training

New to Australia? Let us be your first mate in navigating the Australia visa seas!
20-Minutes Discovery Call-Absolutely Free!
Yes, you read that right! We’re inviting you to a complimentary 20-minute consultation with our visa experts. Explore our services and take the first step towards your Australian dream with confidence and clarity.

Student Visa Extension

Join our pre-departure training sessions to equip students with the latest information & essential information for thriving in Australia. From culture and language to practical tips for everyday life abroad, our training ensures students are well-prepared for their journey. Get your booking done with a free assistance service. Don’t miss this chance.

Professional Year Programs

OnePoint offers comprehensive information on Professional Year Programs. We help you get enrolled in discounted Professional Year Programs in Accounting, IT and Engineering to get practical experience in your field of study. Enhance skills in the Australian job market.

  • Earn additional points toward skilled migration
  • Easy pathway for career building
  • Eligibility requirements, application process, and cultural exploration.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career in Australia. Contact us today to learn more and achieve your career aspirations.